Next Dates

2019 to ∞ Produce and Release all of our 100+ creations

step by step, week by week releases

working on digital Releases

"Wider der Trägheit": Audio - release on June 2019

Music Video "Hamsterrad"

Audio + Music-Video - release on June 2019 @youtube, @our website and on free radios...

Past Dates

2019.04.23 crimic live @ ars-electronic-center-skyloft 18:00 Book+Art Presentation


2019.04.20 Michi programmed a songmode in his "triggermatrix"

- now we nail songstructures - a big milestone for our Releases

2019.02.12 Released the Label called "licht & liebe"

A Label is necessary to go into the streaming & MP3 Market (Spotify, Itunes, Beatport...)

2019.01.03 FM4 Protestsongcontest

We submit our Song "crimic-wider der Trägheit" (nope, we dont won)

2018.11.30 crimic Live @ "Salonschiff-Fräulein-Florentine"

We made a Live-Recording, michi mastered it and made a CD called "Live Ship", which you can Order in the Shop.

2018.02.27 crimic Live @ "Cafe Dienstag"

Michi played half a set, until he spilled Fluid over his machines...